Trends and Possibilities

Future of Data Extraction

Extracting data from multiple sources using APIs or webhooks and staging it into files or relational databases.

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Benefits of Data Extraction via HyprSci Tools

Economies of Scale

Data extraction tools can be more cost-effective than manual data extraction

Greater Sense of Control

With automated data extraction tools, you can be worry-free, and spend time on high-value tasks.


HyprSci offer plug-and-play connectors to your most frequently used business applications

Easy Compliance

Comply with data governance regulations by allowing them to track and audit data changes.

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Data Extraction Types Supported by HyprSci

There are three main types of data extraction in ETL: full extraction, incremental stream extraction, and incremental batch extraction

Full extraction

SEO analysis requires brands to first take a careful look at the content

Incremental stream

Digital marketing involves the promotion of products and the services

Incremental batch

Social media marketers are a marketing experts who use social media

Range and scope

We have 270+ plug-and-play connectors

Data connectors integrate disparate marketing data, CRM tools, analytics platforms, financial data, social metrics, and more, into a single data repository.

Cost Saving
Web Designer 80%
Rapid Scalability
Web Designer 70%

Our Stretegy

Seamless Implementation and
Solution Integration

Federated Connectors

Connecting securely to data warehouses and lakes

If you’ve invested heavily in your current storage, Domo enables you to bypass cloud connectors and query data directly from where you’ve already hosted it. Why duplicate parts of your data lake if you don’t have to? Federated adapters translate Domo queries to the language of your existing databases.


On-Premises Connectors
Leave your data on-premises or migrate it to the cloud with HyprSci Workbench If you have data on-premises and in the cloud, Domo allows you to take a hybrid approach, and encrypts and protects sensitive data. Workbench provides a secure, client-side solution for uploading your on-premise data to HyprSci.
File Upload Connectors

enables you to pull Excel spreadsheets, files from FTP, flat files, and files attached to emails into a single, cloud-based platform

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Cloud Connectors

With over 270+ pre-built connectors and hundreds of other ways to connect to your data